Property Equalization Project

Starting the week of June 8th (2017), Dawson County will start the recently approved equalization project.  Over the last few years Dawson County has seen its real estate market improve. Commercial development has taken off again and residential property is back in great demand. This growth has come on fast and is not showing signs of decline. Several new subdivisions and apartment complexes have recently pulled permits or already started. Recent growth and demand combined with other factors have led us to the genuine need for a total countywide revaluation.  The County has never had a contract company come in to assist with valuations until now. Every year the County Assessor’s office performs analysis and updates property values according to the market. However, this countywide project is extremely large and complex, so therefore Georgia Mass Appraisal Solutions & Services (GMASS) has been hired to assist. GMASS has performed similar projects in 88 of the 159 Georgia counties. GMASS will provide the County with additional manpower, experience and expertise to help ensure equitable values. Over the next two years all of the property in Dawson County will be visited and reassessed. The first year of the project will encompass residential and agricultural property, with commercial and industrial being the primary focus in year two. This is a county wide project where all property will be considered and looked at. We want to make sure all property is considered and not just areas or types. In recent years we have seen demand increase for commercial, residential, agricultural, and industrial property. Ultimately we want the most equitable tax digest possible.

We want the citizens to have all the information about this project. Starting the week of June 8th (2017) we will have the County appraisers and the contracted appraisers collecting data on each parcel located in the county. Over the next year all of the residential and agricultural property owners can expect a visit from an appraiser. The appraisers will be verifying, updating, or correcting county records from the exterior of structures while visiting properties. Appraisers will verify sales information and other data with residents when possible. Appraiser vehicles will be clearly marked and the appraisers will all be wearing identification. Signs will be placed at the entrance of subdivisions when the appraisers are in the area to help notify residents. Additional information about the appraisers can be found on the County’s website, under the Tax Assessor department.

The countywide equalization project is expected to be completed by May 2019. The Assessor’s office would be happy to answer any questions or concerns about this project. You can contact the Dawson County Assessor Office at 706-344-3590.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will the contracted appraisers be wearing anything to help identify them?

Yes - All of our contractors will be wearing neon yellow vests and a lanyard with identification attached. Please see the picture below.

2. Will contractor vehicles be marked for easy identification?

Yes - All of the vehicles used by the contractors will have signs on the side of the vehicle to help clearly identify the nature of their business. Please see below for the names of the appraisers and the type of vehicle they will be driving.

Tax Assessor Contractor List