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Judge Lindsay Burton
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Justin Power
Clerk of Superior/Juvenile Court

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Deputy Clerk

The Dawson County Juvenile Court is an independent juvenile court organized under Chapter 11 of Title 15 of the Official Code of Georgia. The Court is dedicated to serving the residents of Dawson County by hearing all cases involving allegations of deprivation of children under the age of 18, or unruly conduct, delinquency, or traffic violations concerning children under the age of 17 found within its jurisdiction. If, after adjudication, a child is found to be in need of treatment, rehabilitation or supervision to safely remain in the community, the court will provide access to high quality, appropriate treatment programs whenever feasible.


The mission of the Juvenile Court of Dawson County is to ensure that children whose well-being is threatened shall be assisted and protected and restored, if possible, as secure law-abiding members of society; that each child coming within the jurisdiction of the court shall receive, preferably in the child's own home, the care, guidance, and control that will be conducive to the child's welfare and the best interests of the state; and that when a child is removed from the control of his parents, the court shall secure for the child care as nearly as possible equivalent to that which his parents should have given the child.

Judicial Appointment

The Judges of the Dawson County Juvenile Court are appointed to a four-year term by the Superior Court Judges. A judge must be at least 30 years of age, a citizen of the state for at least three years, and have practiced law for at least five years.

The Judges are required to attend a minimum number of hours (12) of specialized training each year to maintain eligibility for the position. The Council of Juvenile Court Judges of Georgia certifies the training.

Deprivation cases are assigned to the Judge by the Clerk of Court upon the filing of a Juvenile Complaint. Though there are exceptions, once a child is assigned to a judge, all of that child's subsequent deprivation or custody complaints will also be assigned to that judge. Other types of cases are scheduled for court at which time a juvenile judge will be presiding.

Department of Juvenile Justice (DJJ)

The Dawson County Department of Juvenile Justice is the direct contact agent with the youths on probation. Most Probation Officers are assigned to children who attend specific schools so that the officers work in a small geographic area. The officer's job is to help the child succeed on probation, but he/she is also responsible for enforcing the directives issued by the Court. The DJJ Officer performs frontline duties by visiting with the youthful offender at school, home and other locations on any given day or night to ensure compliance with the Court's orders. Any violation of the Court's orders by a juvenile offender is referred to the assigned Probation Officer for recommendation to the Court for consequences. The Juvenile Probation Officer is required to maintain a detailed record of contacts and conduct of his/her assigned juvenile offender.

Family Therapists

Family Therapists assist the Court. The therapists have a Masters Degree from an accredited college or university. The therapists advise DJJ Officers and Judges on problem cases as well as provide professional assistance in crisis intervention, individual, family and group therapy for the Court's clients.