Building Permits

Our Mission

"To elevate the quality of construction practices and enhance the quality of life for the present and future generations of Dawson County.  To place the public's welfare above all other interests and recognize or responsability is the safety, health, and welfare of the citizenry of Dawson County."

Residential Construction

Building permits may by applied for at the Planning & Development office.

Commercial Construction

Commercial plans must be submitted for a review process to the Planning & Development office. Once submitted, please allow fourteen (14) days for the review. Dawson County requires the following for submission of commercial plans:

Building Plans First Submittal:  2 sets of stamped plans (3 if food is involved), include sprinkler plans
Building Plans Final Submittal:  3 sets of stamped plans

Site Plans First Submittal:  3 sets of stamped plans (include landscape plan and lighting plan), 2 hydrology studies, 1 recorded plat
Site Plans Final Submittal:  6 sets of stamped plans

Submitted plan sheets must be to scale and must be a mimimum of 24x36 inches in size.

Building Permit forms can be found on the Applications & Forms page.

Permit Fees can be found on the Fee Schedule page.

For information regarding septic permits please contact the Environmental Health Department.

Impact fees are not represented in the fee schedule and will be calculated by the Planning & Development office. Impact fees vary from structure to structure. 

     ***There is currently a moritorium on Impact Fees in Dawson County***

Adopted Codes

2012 International Building Code with Georgia Amendments
2012 International Residential Code with Georgia Amendments
2010 International Fire Code with Georgia Amendments
2012 International Plumbing Code with Georgia Amendments
2012 International Mechanical Code with Georgia Amendments
2012 International Fuel Gas Code with Georgia Amendments
2009 International Energy Conservation Code with Georgia Amendments
2014 National Electrical Code with Georgia Amendments
2010 Department of Justice ADA Requirements
Dawson County Adopted Ordinance

Building Inspections

Please contact the Building Inspector regarding required inspections for construction.

Building Permit Information Brochure Click here for information regarding fee schedules, required documents and building setbacks.

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