Awarded Bids

Request for Quote - Bulk De-Icing Salt

Awarded: JPCS, LLC

Specifications: Dawson County is seeking quotes based on a per ton basis for Deicing Salt (Bulk) for the winter season 2016-2017. Product and price should be guaranteed available to the County between: November 14, 2016 through November 13, 2017. The County does not guarantee a certain quantity of order now or during requesting time. Orders will be placed based upon seasonal conditions.

• Estimated quantity: 100 tons.
• Past usage:
• 2015 – 70 tons
• 2014 – 156 tons
• 2013 – 70 tons
• 2012 – 70 tons
• Pricing to include any and all delivery type charges (freight, fuel, etc.).
• Product will require delivery to the Dawson County Road Department, 946 Burt Creek Road, Dawsonville, GA.

To submit a bid, please complete the information requested below and return to the Dawson County Purchasing Department via 706-531-2728 or email at no later than 3:00 P.M. Tuesday, November 10, 2016. All questions should be directed to Davida Simpson, Purchasing Director at 706-344-3501.

Request for Quote - Bulk De-Icing Salt

Request for Quote - Bulk De-Icing Salt - Tabulation Form