Dawson County’s Purchasing Department manages all vendor related contracts approved by the Board of Commissioners and/or the County Manager. The County Clerk is the Official Record of the Board of Commissioners.

The Dawson County Enabling Legislation mandates all standard service contracts must be terminated at the end of each calendar year. To allow for convenience, agreements typically have the option of automatic renewals for an additional one (1) year term as referenced in the original solicitation or executed contract. Per the Dawson County Purchasing Ordinance, a comodity contract will have two (2) optional renewals and a service contract will have four (4) optional renewals.  If a contract does not have the option to renew, more than likely, that contract has exhausted all allowable renewals. The commodity or service will be re-solicited via a formal process, either by sealed bid or quote.

2018 Contract Listing

Contracts are listed by commodity/service name, vendor and renewal options. (B) denotes commodity/service may be re-bid prior to the relative calendar year.  (E) denotes an active contract to the releative calendar year, (R) denotes possible renewal contract periods for the relative calendar year. Commodities/services are bid out the year prior to expiration.  If you would like to receive notification when one or more of these contracts are solicited, register as a vendor.

If you have any questions regarding contracts, please contact Melissa Hawk, Purchasing Manager at 706-344-3501 or mhawk@dawsoncounty.org.

A Purchase Order (PO) is another form of a contract between the Dawson County Government and the supplier for any combination of goods/labor/services.  The PO is used for financial purposes to encumber funds.  In addition, the PO may also be used to establish minimum contract terms.  The terms, conditions and specifications of a solicitation document and award document will be incorporated into any contract between the Dawson County Government and the suppler for any combination of goods/labor/services as a result of the solicitation.  Types of solicitations include, but not limited to, formal and informal request for quotes, sealed invitation for bids and request for proposals.

Purchases Order Standard Terms and Conditions