Commission Meeting Agendas Archive

Regular Meeting Minutes - August 30, 2007

Dawson County Courthouse - 6:00 p.m.

ROLL CALL: Those present were Chairman Berg; Commissioner Pichon, District 2; Commissioner Connor, District 3; Commissioner Nix, District 4; County Attorney Homans; Interim County Clerk Simpson and interested citizens of Dawson County. Those absent were County Manager Anderson, ESD Director Billy Thurmond was acting County Manager.

OPENING PRESENTATION: Moonshine Festival and Care for Kids – Inez Couch and Kevin Byrd

INVOCATION: Chairman Berg



Chairman Berg stated the SPLOST V Intergovernmental Agreement and Resolution was agreed upon on August 28, 2007. This agreement dictates what sum of money will go to City and County projects. It also defines the Service Delivery Area. This Service Delivery Area does not preclude the County from arbitrating future annexations that happen within that service area; it only defines which areas the City cannot go outside of. If the County feels there is an issue with a particular annexation that is inside that area the County has the opportunity to take it through the full process of arbitration.

Chairman Berg stated last week Mayor Joe Lane Cox presented a list of projects to Chairman Berg which was then brought back to the entire Board of Commissioners for discussion. This list included funding for Roads, Streets, Bridges, and Sidewalks; Water and Sewer; Recreation and funding for City Hall. All were agreed to excluding City Hall funding. The County agreed to the City’s proposal on the Water and Sewer project as long as it would not be for expansion and limit it itself to repair, replacement or to improve the service they currently have. This area would be through the DCA approved Service Delivery Area the City already has. In addition to that, Chairman Berg suggested that because the area was already defined that area could be the area by which the City agreed not to annex outside of. Therefore, there could not be any expansion from any Water and Sewer improvements.

Chairman Berg stated the initial SPLOST V vote was to be September 18, 2007, but due to the change in SPLOST V amount that vote would be held in November 2007.

Chairman Berg thanked the Board of Commissioners for their hard work and dedication on this project. Chairman Berg also thanked County Attorney Joey Homans for all the long hours devoted to this agreement.


Motion passed unanimously to accept the minutes as submitted from the Regular Meeting held on August 16, 2007. Connor/Pichon


Prescribed Fire Resolution

ESD Director Billy Thurmond requested the Board approve the Prescribed Fire Resolution as submitted at the Work Session on August 23, 2007. This resolution speaks to prescribed burns throughout the County as well as the State.

Motion passed unanimously to approve the Prescribed Fire Resolution. Nix/Connor

2006 Financial Management Assessment

Finance Director Lowayne Craig and Duane Schlereth submitted the 2006 Financial Management Assessment and asked the Board to unanimously approve their request. Commissioner Pichon inquired as to the information in the summary presented at the Work Session was a reflection of the actual assessment given last week. Mrs. Craig did confirm the summary was in fact a true synopsis of the entire 2006 Financial Management Assessment.

Motion passed unanimously to approve 2006 Financial Management Assessment. Pichon/Nix

BB&T and EWSA Loan Renewal/Extension

Finance Director Lowayne Craig presented a request to extend or renew the BB&T and Etowah Water and Sewer Authority loan as presented on August 23, 2007.

Motion passed unanimously to approve the BB&T and EWSA Loan Renewal/Extension. Pichon/Connor

Closure of Jail Account

Finance Director Lowayne Craig reported on August 23, 2007, this account needs to be closed due to funding the new Sheriff’s facility.

Motion passed unanimously to approve the Closure of the Jail Account. Nix/Connor

Motor Grader

County Manager presented a request for the Board to reject all bids for the Motor Grader on August 23, 2007. Mr. Anderson added Public Works Director John Laux is looking into a buy or lease back plan with national manufacturers. Mr. Laux will bring this issue back to the Board for further information.

Motion passed unanimously to reject all Motor Grader bids. Pichon/Connor

Approval of Sheriff’s Department CJCC Grant

Maj. Kevin Tanner requested the Board approve the Criminal Justice Coordinating Council Grant, specifically the Byrne Justice Assistance Grant (JAG) as submitted on August 23, 2007.

Motion passed unanimously to approve the Sheriff’s Department CJCC Grant. Connor/Nix

Lease Agreement for the Transit Department

County Attorney Joey Homan stated one of Dawson County Transit buses was involved in an accident on August 30, 2007, with little damage. Following the guidelines of the contract the Board would need to lease another transit bus due to having this vehicle repaired. This lease agreement would be for three months at $0.10 per mile. Mr. Homans added he would like to termination notice of seven days upon completion of all repairs to the County vehicle.

Motion passed unanimously to add the Lease Agreement for the Transit Department. Connor/Pichon

Motion passed unanimously to approve the Lease Agreement for the Transit Department. Nix/Pichon


Motion passed unanimously to go into adjourn meeting. Pichon/Nix