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Voting Session Agenda - August 4, 2011

DAWSON COUNTY BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS VOTING SESSION AGENDA - THURSDAY, AUGUST 4, 2011 THE G.L. PETE GILLELAND CHAMBERS AT CITY HALL 6:00PM A. ROLL CALL B. OPENING PRESENTATION – Friends of Recovery: Dawson County – Bob King C. PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE D. ANNOUNCEMENTS E. APPROVAL OF MINUTES Minutes of the Voting Session held on July 21, 2011 F. APPROVAL OF THE AGENDA G. PUBLIC COMMENT (3 minute limit/person 15 minutes maximum) None H. ALCOHOL LICENSE HEARINGS None I. ZONING None J. PUBLIC HEARINGS None K. OLD BUSINESS None L. NEW BUSINESS 1. Approval of the pilot program regarding Growth Regulation & Weed Control 2. Approval of IGA with Etowah Water & Sewer Authority for future fire station 3. Approval of Terrazzo change order for the new government center 6. Board Appointments: 1. Development Authority Board – Dr. Sherry Weeks Term: 08/04/2011-09/01/2012* 2. Industrial Building Authority Board - Dr. Sherry Weeks –Term: 08/04/2011-09/01/2012* (*Filling unexpired terms) 7. Approval to present local legislation – Commissioner Districts M. ADJOURNMENT N. PUBLIC COMMENT