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Dawson County Emergency Services Holds Annual Appreciation and Awards Banquet

On Friday, December 2, 2016, Dawson County Emergency Services held its annual appreciation and awards banquet. This year’s event was held at the Dawson County Junior High School and was attended by a large number of department members and their families, along with several guests, including members of the Board of Commissioners. After a great meal, the awards ceremony began.

The awards program opened by recognizing and highlighting many of this year’s accomplishments by the department, followed by a short video featuring a new partnership with the CBI Program of Dawson County High School.

The following individuals received service awards:

• FF / Paramedic Tim Cameron - 5 years
• FF/EMT Matthew Satterfield - 5 years
• FF Zack Adams - 5 years
• FF/EMT Jeremy Grizzle - 5 years
• K9 Handler Teresa Christian - 5 years
• Capt. Jeff Bailey - 20 years

The following individuals received awards for their performance and dedication in 2016:

2016 Support FF of the Year: FF/EMR Don Jones (not pictured)

2016 Volunteer Firefighter of the Year: FF/EMT Ben Adams

2016 Career FFof the Year: FF/Paramedic Adam Gilreath

2016 Volunteer Officer of the Year: Lt. John Tarantini

2016 Career Fire Officer of the Year: Lt. James Free

2016 Legends Award: Captain Denny Blackwell


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