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Dawson County Government, Bowen Center Partner to Showcase Local Art

10/18/11 (Dawson County, GA) Dawson County Government has partnered with the Dawson County Arts Council and the Bowen Center for the Arts to provide a showcase inside the new government center and courthouse for local artists.

County Manager Kevin Tanner is excited about the collaboration. “We wanted to make this government building different from others. We wanted to recognize and highlight our local flavor and culture,” said Tanner. “This is an opportunity to show what talented artists we have in Dawson County.”

“The Arts Council was very enthused about getting involved,” Tanner said. Linda Umberger will serve as chairperson for the Council project coordination committee.

“We have identified 29 locations inside the government center we can showcase our artists’ work,” said Tanner. Some items will be placed on permanent display while others will be exhibited for six months to a year offering opportunities to bring in new pieces regularly. Uniform signage will be in place so visitors may contact artists if interested in purchasing pieces.

“Not only does this offer the county another venue to display our local talent, it also provides cost savings to our taxpayers on the interior design on the building,” Tanner added.

Interested local artists are encouraged to contact the Bowen Center for the Arts at (706) 216-2787 (ARTS) or Dawson County Project Manager Bob Ivey at 706-344-3501 x 227 or email bivey@dawsoncounty.org.

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