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Dog Found Positive for Rabies in Dawson County

Attention: Grover Burt Road - Keith Evans Road - Robert Gibby Road – Shamrock Lane – Old Henry Grady Road - Juno Road – Ivey Road – Reece Road – Mildred Elliott Road – Davenport Road – Tatum Trail Area Residents

Recently a TAN-COLORED MIXED-BREED DOG in the area noted above has tested positive for rabies. All residents within a one-mile radius of this area have been contacted by the Dawson County Animal Control Office. Please note that the rabies virus does exist in Dawson County wildlife, and can be transmitted to domestic animals and humans. If contracted and not treated within a certain timeframe prior to the onset of symptoms, rabies is essentially 100% fatal. If you have any animals that are unleashed, or roam freely, it is possible that they may have been in contact with this dog. Domestic animals that are currently vaccinated for rabies, and have potentially been exposed to this animal should be re-vaccinated immediately, and observed at the home for 45 days. In such cases, consult with your veterinarian to inquire about a rabies vaccine booster. All unvaccinated animals that have been in contact with this animal should be euthanized, or undergo isolated confinement for a period of six (6) months.

The following are symptoms that you should watch for if your animal was exposed:

  • Animal stops eating or drinking
  • Animal becomes unusually vicious towards owners or others
  • Animal walks with a locomotion effect
  • Animal slobbers from the mouth
  • Any  other strange or unusual behavior

If you suspect that YOU or YOUR ANIMAL(S) have been in contact with this TAN-COLORED MIXED- BREED DOG, or notice your pet or domestic animal displaying any symptoms of rabies, avoid contact with the animal and confine it, then call the Dawson County Environmental Health Office at 706-265-2930, the Dawson County Animal Control Office at 706-265-7387, or 911.

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