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GDOT: Proposed Road Projects for Dawson County

SR 400/SR 53 CFI (Continuous Flow Intersection)
Completion date of construction is 5/10/2017. Project is on schedule.

SR 53-Hugh Stowers Road Intersection Improvement
GDOT District Engineer Sue Anne and GDOT District Traffic Operations Engineer Shane Giles are looking into the plans Dawson County has submitted. Discussions took place today with Brent Cook and his staff member regarding the possibility of restricting the access to a right in, right out from SR 53 and to SR 53. Allowing only a left turn in heading west on SR 53. What would be removed is the north bound traffic from Stowers Road turning left on to SR 53 heading toward the city.

SR 53 – SR 183 Roundabout
Issued an NTP (Notice To Proceed). Construction to begin in March or April, 2017.

SR 52 – SR 183 Roundabout
Conducted final field plans and review, in the process of right-of-way acquisition phase, scheduled to be let possibly in 2018, project is considered a priority.

Dawson Forest-53 Intersection & Thompson Creek Road Roundabout
GDOT has quick-response money available for projects under $200,000. Depending on the estimates, there is a possibility that this project will qualify. If so, it will be considered a priority project. Possibly 2018.

SR 136-Keith Evans Road Intersection & Bailey Waters Road Roundabout
Will require BOC to authorize the Chairman to construct a support letter requesting GDOT to review.

SR 9 S & Dawson Forest Road Roundabout
Money has been authorized for engineering. There is no schedule yet looking ahead, approximately 2 years out.

SR 9 S Bridge Replacement
BOC to approve GTC easement and restrictive covenant. Once approved, GDOT contractor mobilization date should be in February, clearing in March, construction in April. Traffic will be maintained by a portable traffic light, one way at a time.

SR 136 Bridge Replacement
Bridge closure beginning February 6, 2017, for approximately 180 days to completion.

SR 53-Lumpkin Campground Turn Lane
GDOT is working with the county on funding improvements to the intersection of Lumpkin Campground and SR 53. This will be a joint project between the county & the state. The state will provide the funding and the county will do the work.

Bare Tooth Parkway Traffic Signal
State will not commit to a traffic signal at that location due to the potential impacts to the CFI intersection at SR 53 & SR 400.

Restricted Access at Intersection of Kilough & SR 400 and Outlet Mall Entrance on to SR 400
Several years ago a safety study was conducted on SR 400. Three intersections were identified as critical safety hazards:  Kilough Church Road intersection, the Outlet Mall entrance, and Industrial Blvd./ Bare Tooth Pkwy. The crash data showed that most accidents occurred due to cross-over traffic. On or about 2012, GDOT constructed a median break, prohibiting cross-over traffic at the intersection of Bare Tooth Pkwy and Industrial Blvd. GDOT is proposing to install the same at the other locations per approval by the county.

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