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Questions Concerning Your Homeowners Insurance Premiums?

Effective March 1, 2016, Dawson County and the City of Dawsonville were recognized by the Insurance Services Office (I.S.O.) as a Public Protection Class 3. This rating is for properties located within Dawson County and the City of Dawsonville and located within five (5) road miles of one of Dawson’s eight (8) fire stations. This rating applies to approximately 91% of city and county residences.  All other properties remain a Public Protection Class 10, and the county is currently exploring options to reduce ratings in these areas. In general, the lower the Public Protection Class rating, the lower your home insurance premium.

Residents are asked to remember that not all insurance companies recognize I.S.O. ratings and have their own rating schedule which may be different than the rating posted above. In addition, certain properties outside five (5) road miles of a Dawson County fire station may qualify for this lower rating IF an Automatic Aid Agreement is in place with a neighboring county’s fire department that has a fire station within five road miles of the property in question.

Recently, a number of residents have inquired how to obtain proof of the Public Protection Class or PPC rating. Anyone (resident or insurance agent) needing proof of the current PPC rating for a property may contact Dawson County Emergency Services or call (706) 344-3666 to obtain this information.

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