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Latest On Ransomware Attack

*Update (May 14, 2018): With the exception of some minor issues that the Dawson County IT department continues to work on, all systems are back up and functioning.


From County Manager David Headley:

Dawson County’s computer systems were hit April 23, 2018, by what has been confirmed as a sophisticated ransomware attack.

I first want to commend our IT department - Will Shattuck, Cameron Burt and Robin Roland. This team, led by James Tolbert, discovered the attack early and, because of that, was able to limit the damage to county property. The county continues to work with the appropriate professionals and agencies to ensure county systems are safeguarded against cybercrimes as best as possible in the future.

At no time have critical/essential services such as E9-1-1 or emergency response been impacted. County offices have remained open as normal and, under the circumstances, are functioning well and continue to serve the citizenry. I extend my sincere appreciation to the employees for this, and offer my thanks to our citizens for their patience as we work through this situation.

At this time, no personnel data or banking information is believed compromised. Employees continue to be paid as normal, and our teams continue to work to fully restore computer systems.

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