Elections and Registration Board

The Board of Elections and Voter Registration became a combined board in 1998. It is comprised of five members; two from the Republican Party and two from the Democratic Party. The fifth position is held by the Chief Registrar who acts as Chairperson of the board. Each member serves four year terms. The board meets at 9:30 AM on the third Wednesday of each month and all meetings are open to the public.

The Board of Elections and Registration is committed to nurture and protect democracy for the citizens of Dawson County through the voter registration and electoral process and to provide impartial elections in accordance with state and federal laws in an efficient, effective and timely manner.


Glenda M. Ferguson, Chairperson

E-Mail Chairperson Glenda Ferguson

Dale Holland, Vice-Chairman

E-Mail Vice-Chairman Dale Holland

Daniel R. Pichon III, Secretary

E-Mail Secretary Daniel Pichon

Katrina L. Holbrook, Member

E-Mail Member Katrina Holbrook

Marie Head, Member

E-Mail Member Marie Head