Long Range Planning Committee

The Long Range Planning Committee has been instructed to study, obtain public input, form recommendations and report to the Board of Commissioners on the following matters:

Revisions and updates to the Dawson County Future Land Use Plan;

Revisions and updates to Dawson County ordinances, including the tree and sign ordinances;

Revisions and updates to the Dawson County Highway 400 Design Guidelines;

Future planning relating to transportation needs and issues;

Development of an action plan and the identification of funding sources to support the committee’s recommendations;

Recommendations relating to the future management and uses of the City of Atlanta-owned Dawson Forest Wildlife Management Tract; and

Additional study issues as directed by the Board of Commissioners.

Committee Members
Terri A. Tragesser (co-chair)

Gary Pichon (co-chair)

Ronnie Adkins

Jo Brewer

Tim Costley

Jane Graves

Mandy Power

Dick Scharf

Hugh Stowers